1. Cut out parts (1-4) on solid lines. The numbers in the boxes are the part numbers.

2. Crease the wings along the fold down lines. Give the wings a slight camber. (A curved down shape)

3. Roll (2) into a tube around a pencil and glue the tab.

4. Put glue on the dotted line down the center, and place the body tube over it. Note the overlap front and rear.

5. Put glue on (3) and place over tube onto wing.

6. Roll up (4) (several turns) and push into nose. You may need to trim this to get level flight.

The dragonfly is highly unstable due to its swept forward wings. A gentle launch is best. Sight down the front and make sure the wings are symetrical. Putting some dihedral in the wings by bending them up will make it more stable, but not as fast. If it dives straightaway, cut off ballast. If it stalls, then tucks, add ballast. Fly several times before changing ballast.