You'll best use a Xacto style knife to cut the inner slots on this model.

1) Cut out the disk (1) first. Then cut the slots. If you can't find a knife, poke your scissors thru the middle of the slot first, then work your way down to the middle. Then cut out the excess.

2) Fold the ends of each of the blades (the pointy part) so they are 90 degrees up towards you.

3) Cut out the ring (2). Put on glue and form ring.

4) Lay the ring down in the middle of the circle inside the folded tips.

5) Lift up each pointy blade end one at a time and put glue on it, then attach to the ring.

6) After it dries, start at each fold mark on the rim and fold one up, then one down. Go all around rim.

Hold above your head and let go. If Heli-8 lands on a hard surface, it pops inside out! Cool! Then, hold up the inside our version and let fly! It pops back again when it lands! Yow!